35mm Slide/Photo Scan

Just a few or thousands? Let us help!

Digital Photo Scanning

Just a few or thousands? Let us help!

35mm Slide Scanning

Just a few or thousands? Let us help!

We can scan your 35mm slides and photos in our Dallas studio

Looking to move your photos or slides into the digital realm? No problem!  Action Video Service handles the scanning of your photos with ease. We can transfer your 35mm slides, negatives, or photos to JPEG or TIFF file formats. We professionally scan each slide in our Richardson, Texas studio and deliver the images on CD or in a video slideshow. Call 972-437-2021 for a quote on your project! Feel free to ship slides or bring them to the studio.


35mm  $1/ea*
126’s  $1/ea*
127’s  $3/ea*


Our Standard Scan suits the vast majority of our clients since we realize that most people simply want their images converted to a digital image.  We scan slides/negatives at 2500 DPI and photographs at 600 DPI.  The difference with the Advanced Scan is that we take each image into Photoshop for further cropping, basic color correction, or minor touch-up adjustments.  Basically, you can save yourself a dollar by doing that yourself with any freely available software application.

Preparing Your Slides for Transfer

(Sheets) Take them out of the sheets (or charges will apply for unloading/reloading).
(Carousels) You may keep them in carousels, but fees apply if we have to put them back in place.
(Metal Holders) Take them out of the holders or fees will apply for extraction.

1. Group them in sets of 50 slides.
2. Use a pencil to number the front and back of the group (if order matters).
3. If you have (127’s see above), please separate them from the others
4. Stop by our studio and we’ll take care of the rest!


Prefer to Ship Your Media to Us?

You will need to fill out a work order form and sign before shipping any media to us. We can provide an estimate for the pricing fields via email to info@actionvideoservice.com.

Download Work Order Form

Always include tracking on your package. We also suggest calling us before sending media. We’ll contact you as soon as it arrives.

High Quality Scanning

No High Volume Scanners Here - Only Quality Scanning for Our Clients

We use high end scanners for handling your precious photos or negatives.  Each photo or slide is carefully scanned and archived for your convenience.