Why choose Action Video Service for my transfers?

Simply put, we really do care about our clients, treating their memories like our own! This is not a hobby for us. We’re not a messy TV repair store running transfers in the back or individuals doing this as a side business in a spare bedroom. The owner, Lance Gray, has been in the video production & graphics world for 20+ years creating, shooting, and editing film and video for most of that time and speaking around the country encouraging and teaching video professionals too. Many of our team members are also former production companies owners also. We’ve transferred film and videos to DVD and digital formats as Action Video Service since 1999 serving every day moms and dads to well known corporate billionaires!

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Do you send my videos or films out to a 3rd party company for processing like other companies such as Wal-Mart, Wal-Greens or CVS do?

No. Everything (and we do mean everything), including the film transfers are done on-site. The benefit is that our turn-around time BLOWS AWAY the competition. We’ve heard stories of a single VHS taking 1-2 MONTHS to get back when dropped off at the other places ~ or turns on film taking 4-6 months!?! Typically, when a client has a single videotape transfer we’ll have it ready within 24-48 hours (or sooner). Naturally, it does depend on our workload, but we always try to give our clients a realistic time-frame at drop off.

How long have you been in business?

We’ve been in business as Action Video Service since 1999. We opened our shiny clean new retail studio in April of 2011 (re-locating from just down the road) in the Tom Thumb Shopping Center area at 819 W Arapaho, Suite 23 in Richardson, Texas. Prior to our current location, Lance also owned two different corporate video production companies as well starting his own production company in 1994 before forming a partnership in 2001.

How long does a typical video or film transfer take?

Every order is sorted in the order it’s received. However, it also depends on the number of films, slides, photos, or video tapes you drop off (and our current workload). If it’s only a couple of tapes, we’ll generally have them ready in 24-48 hours. Film transfers are more labor intensive and can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks (again, there’s a big difference between leaving 5 film reels versus 50 and the amount of time it takes to process). Ultimately, we always try to give our clients a realistic expectation at the time of dropping off a project.

My tapes and films are one-of-a-kind and I am afraid to leave them! Can I wait in the lobby while they are transferred?

We perfectly understand the concern, but we’ve transferred millions (yes, millions) of feet of film and video tape over the years without incident. We’re caring professionals and we treat your content like our own! It’s in good hands and when your tapes are dropped off we tag them with an identifying code and each order is put into its own box and properly labeled. Client projects are NEVER mixed with other client orders and are always processed in a specific sequence. However, because we deal with so many clients in any given week and the process is either real-time for videotape or frame-by-frame for film, it’s simply not possible to wait while it’s done.

Do I get my films, photos, slides, and tapes back once they are transferred… and is there a cost to get my tape back?

Absolutely you get your original media back plus the transfer media! Realize too, that many other companies will charge you $10-15 for EACH piece of media to return the original. There is no extra or hidden charge to return your material with us because what you leave is what you’ll get back.

I need extra copies. Does Action Video Service offer multiple copies on site?

Absolutely! We have multiple towers and high capacity disc printers here on location so we can turn short-run (1-1000+) DVD & CD copies in a hurry. Our pricing is based on a sliding scale, so the more discs you have, the less the price. See our price sheet for details.

Who are some of your past clients?

Lots of Fortune 500 companies, schools, churches, and thousands of regular moms & dads to high profile corporate billionaires. A short list includes: The Smithsonian, Google, DKNY, Fossil, McDonalds, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, HSBC, Chase Bank, TORK, Intuit, D Magazine, Hotels.com, Texas Health Resources and thousands of others from around the world!